Strange but true

Council house building by prime minister

Prime minister Annual average Annual minimum
Thatcher 41,486 17,710
Blair 349 130
Brown 940 630


From: House building, permanent dwellings completed in the UK

I have allocated split years to the previous administration. That's not accurate, but it doesn't make a lot of difference to the results. Quarterly figures are available from the same source.

Mines closed by prime minister

Prime minister Mines closed
Thatcher 105
Wilson 202


From: NCB Collieries in England

The NMRS has done an amazing job collating this data but it's clearly a difficult job. From the statistical point of view, though, it's a bit dodgy. There are big mines, little mines, merged mines, reopened mines, etc. So counting the number of "mines closed" isn't particularly easy or even necessarily meaningful. Nobody has checked my calculations so these should only be taken as approximations.