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This document

If you have a 3D graphics chip and you're running X under Linux, you will probably want to make full use of the graphics acceleration hardware built into the chip. DRI (the Direct Rendering Infrastructure) provides 3D graphics hardware acceleration for the XFree86 project.

This mini-HOWTO describes how to get DRI up and running on a Linux 2.4 kernel with a Rage128 graphics chip. It will probably work with other kernel and driver combinations. It is not comprehensive but I would like to think it might save others from some of the pain of trying to figure out why direct rendering doesn't always work.

The other way to make DRI work is to install RedHat 9 from scratch. Then it ought to work "out of the box". This mini-HOWTO is for those who aren't using RedHat 9.

It also describes how to build an RPM so that you can re-install DRI after kernel rebuilds and other installations if (like me) your system is in a continual state of flux. If you don't like RedHat, or you think that RPMs suck, then this HOWTO isn't for you.

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