And thus much as touching the Considerations: the Observations follow, to be considered in this Powder-Treason, and are briefly thus:
  1. If the Cellar had not been hired, the Minework could hardly, or not at all have been discovered; for the Mine was neither found nor suspected until the Danger was past, and the capital Offenders apprehended, and by themselves, upon Examination, confessed.
  2. How the King was divinely illuminated by Almighty God, the only Ruler of Princes, like an Angel of God, to direct and point as it were to the very place, to cause a Search to be made there, out of those dark Words of the Letter concerning a terrible Blow.
  3. Observe a miraculous Accident which befel in Stephen Littleton's House, called Holbach, in Staffordshire, after they had been two days in open Rebellion, immediately before the Apprehension of these Traitors: For some of them standing by the Fire-side, and having set two pound and an half of Powder to dry in a Platter before the Fire, and underset the said Platter with a great Linen Bag full of other Powder, containing some fifteen or sixteen pounds; it so fell out, that one coming to put more Wood into the Fire, and casting it on, there flew a Coal into the Platter, by reason whereof the Powder taking fire and blowing up, scorching those who were nearest, as Catesby, Grant, and Rokewood, blew up the Roof of the House; and the Linen-Bag which was set under the Platter being therewith suddenly carried out thro' the Breach, fell down in the Court-yard whole and unfired: which if it had took fire in the Room, would have slain them all there, so that they never should have come to this Trial: and Lex justior nulla est, quam necis artifices arte perire sua ?
  4. Note, that Gunpowder was the Invention of a Fryar, one of the Romish Rabble, as Printing was of a Soldier.
  5. Observe the sending of Bainham, one of the damned Crew, to the High-Priest of Rome, to give signification of this Blow, and to crave his Direction and Aid.
  6. That for all their stirring and rising in open Rebellion, and notwithstanding the false Rumours given out by them, That the Throats of all Catholicks should be cut; such is his Majesty's blessed Government, and the Loyalty of his Subjects, as they got not any one Man to take their parts besides their own Company.
  7. Observe, the Sheriff, the ordinary Minister of Justice, according to the Duty of his Office, with such Power as he on a sudden by Law collected, suppressed them.
  8. That God suffered their intended Mischief to come so near the Period, as not to be discovered, but within few hours before it should have been executed.
  9. That it was in the entring of the Sun into the Tropic of Capricorn, when they began their Mine; noting, that by Mining, they should descend; and by Hanging, ascend.
  10. That there never was any Protestant Minister in any Treason and Murder as yet attempted within this Realm.