6. Now the sixth Point, which is the Means to compass and work these Designs, were damnable; by Mining, by 36 Barrels of Powder, having Crows of Iron, Stones and Wood laid upon the Barrels, to have made the Breach the greater. Lord, what a Wind, what a Fire, what a Motion and Commotion of Earth and Air would there have been! But as it is in the Book of Kings, when Elias was in the Cave of the Mount Horeb, and that he was called forth to stand before the Lord, behold a mighty strong Wind rent the Mountains, and brake the Rocks; sed non in vento Dominus, but the Lord was not in the Wind. And after the Wind, came a Commotion of the Earth and Air; Et non in Commotione Dominus, the Lord was not in that Commotion: And after the Commotion came Fire; & non in igne Dominus, the Lord was not in the Fire. So neither was God in any part of this monstrous Action. The Authors whereof were in this respect worse than the very damned Spirit of Dives, who, as it is in the Gospel, desired that others should not come in locum tormentorum.