4. We are to consider the Place, which was the sacred Senate, the House of Parliament. And why there? For that, say they, unjust Laws had formerly been there made against Catholicks: Therefore that was the fittest place of all others to revenge it, and to do Justice in. If any ask who should have executed this their Justice, it was Justice Fawkes, a Man like enough to do according to his Name. If by what Law they meant to proceed; it was Gunpowder-Law, fit for Justices of Hell. But concerning those Laws which they so calumniate as unjust, it shall in few words plainly appear, that they were of the greatest both Moderation and Equity that ever were any.
For from the Year 1 Eliz. unto 11. all Papists came to our Church and Service without scruple. I my self have seen Cornwallis, Beddingfield, and others at Church: so that then for the space of 10 Years, they made no Conscience nor doubt to communicate with us in Prayer. But when once the Bull of Pope Pius Quintus was come and published, wherein the Queen was accursed and deposed, and her Subjects discharged of their Obedience and Oaths, yet cursed if they did obey her; then did they all forthwith refrain the Church, then would they have no more Society with us in Prayer: So that Recusancy in them is not for Religion, but in an acknowledgment of the Pope's Power, and a plain manifestation what their Judgment is concerning the Right of the Prince in respect of Regal Power and Place.

Two years after, viz. 13 Eliz. was there a Law made against the bringing in of Bulls, &c.

Anno 18. came Mayne a Priest to move Sedition.

Anno 20. came Campion the first Jesuit, who was sent to make a Party here in England, for the Execution of the former Bull: Then follow treasonable Books.

Anno 23 Eliz. after so many years Sufferance, there were Laws made against Recusants, and seditious Books: The Penalty or Sanction for Recusancy, was not loss of Life, or Limb, or whole State, but only a pecuniary Mulct and Penalty, and that also until they would submit and conform themselves, and again come to Church, as they had done for 10 years before the Bull. And yet afterwards the Jesuits and Romish Priests both coming daily into, and swarming within the Realm, and infusing continually this Poison into the Subjects Hearts, that by Reason of the said Bull of Pius Quintus her Majesty stood excommunicated and deprived of her Kingdom, and that her Subjects were discharged of all Obedience to her, endeavouring by all means to draw them from their Duty and Allegiance to her Majesty, and to reconcile them to the Church of Rome; then

27 Eliz. a Law was made, that it should be Treason for any (not to be a Priest and an Englishman, born the Queen's natural Subject, but for any) being so born her Subject, and made a Romish Priest, to come into any of her Dominions, to infect any of her loyal Subjects with their treasonable and damnable Persuasions and Practices: yet so, that it concerned only such as were made Priests sithence her Majesty came to the Crown, and not before.

Concerning the Execution of these Laws, it is to be observed likewise, that whereas in the Quinquenny, the five years of Queen Mary, there were cruelly put to death about 300 Persons for Religion; in all her Majesty's time by the space of 44 years and upwards, there were for treasonable Practices executed, in all not 30 Priests, nor above five Receivers and Harbourers of them; and for Religion not any one. And here by the way, I desire those of Parliament to observe, that it is now questioned and doubted, whether the Law of Recusants and Reconcil'd Persons do hold for Ireland also, and the parts beyond the Seas: that is, whether such as were there reconciled be within the compass of the Statute or not, to the end it may be cleared and provided for.

Now against the usurped Power of the See of Rome, we have of former times about 13 several Acts of Parliament: So that the Crown and the King of England is no ways to be drawn under the Government of any foreign Power whatsoever, neither oweth Duty to any, but is immediately under God himself. Concerning the Pope, for 33 of them, namely unto Sylvester, they were famous Martyrs. But Quicunque desiderat primatum in terris, inveniet confusionem in cœlis: He that desires Primacy upon Earth, shall surely find Confusion in Heaven.