3. The third Consideration respects the Time when this Treason was conspired; wherein note that it was Primo Jacobi, even at that time when his Majesty used so great Lenity towards Recusants, in that by the space of a whole Year and four Months, he took no Penalty by Statute of them. So far was his Majesty from Severity, that besides the benefit and grace before specified, he also honoured all alike with Advancement and Favours; and all this was continued until the Priests Treason, by Watson and Clarke. But as there is Misericordia puniens, so is there likewise Crudelitas parcens: For they were not only by this not reclaimed, but (as plainly appeareth) became far worse. Nay, the Romish Catholicks did at that very time certify that it was very like, the King would deal rigorously with them, and the same do these Traitors now pretend, as the chiefest Motive; whereas indeed they had Treason on foot against the King, before they saw his Face in England: Neither afterwards, for all the Lenity he used towards them, would any wit desist or relent from their wicked Attempts. Nay, (that which cometh next to be remembered in this part of their Arrangement) they would pick out the time of Parliament for the Execution of their hideous Treasons, wherein the Flower of the Land being assembled, for the Honour of God, the Good of his Church, and this Commonwealth; they might as it were with one Blow, not wound, but kill and destroy the whole State: So that with these Men, Impunitas continuum affectum tribuit peccandi, Lenity having once bred a hope of Impunity, begat not only Insolency, but Impenitency and Increase of Sin.