2. The second Consideration respecteth the Persons against whom this Treason was intended; which are,
  1. The King, who is God's Anointed. Nay, it hath pleased God to communicate unto him his own Name; Dixi, Dii estis, not substantially or essentially so, neither yet on the other side Usurpativè, by unjust Usurpation, as the Devil and the Pope; but Potestativè, as having his Power derived from God within his Territories.
  2. Their natural Liege Lord, and dread Sovereign, whose just Interest and Title to this Crown may be drawn from before the Conquest; and if he were not a King by Descent, yet deserved he to be made one for his rare and excellent Endowments and Ornaments both of Body and Mind. Look into his true and constant Religion and Piety, his Justice, his Learning above all Kings christened, his Acumen, his Judgment, his Memory; and you will say that his is indeed, Solus præteritis major, meliorque futuris. But because I cannot speak what I would, I will forbear to speak what I could. Also against the Queen, a most gracious and graceful Lady, a most virtuous, fruitful, and blessed Vine, who hath happily brought forth such Olive-branches, as that in benedictione erit Memoria ejus, her Memory shall be blessed of all our Posterity. Then against the Royal Issue Male, next under God, and after our Sovereign the future Hope, Comfort, Joy, and Life of our State. And as for preserving of the good Lady Elizabeth the King's Daughter, it should only have been for a time to have served for their Purposes, as being thought a fit Project to keep others in Appetite for their own further Advantage; and then God knoweth what would have become of her. To conclude, against all the most honourable and prudent Counsellors, and all the true-hearted and worthy Nobles, all the Reverend and Learned Bishops, all the grave Judges and Sages of the Law, all the principal Knights, Gentry, Citizens and Burgesses of Parliament, the Flower of the whole Realm. Horret Animus, I tremble even to think of it: Miserable Desolation! no King, no Queen, no Prince, no Issue Male, no Counsellors of State; no Nobility, no Bishops, no Judges! O barbarous, and more than Scythian or Thracian Cruelty! No mantle of Holiness can cover it, no pretence of Religion can excuse it, no shadow of good Intention can extenuate it; God and Heaven condemn it, Man and Earth detest it, the Offenders themselves were ashamed of it; wicked People exclaim against it, and the Souls of all true Christian Subjects abhor it: miserable, but yet sudden had their Ends been, who should have died in that fiery Tempest, and Storm of Gunpowder. But more miserable had they been that had escaped; and what horrible Effects the blowing up of so much Powder and Stuff would have wrought, not only amonsgt Men and Beasts, but even upon insensible Creatures, Churches, and Houses, and all places near adjoining; you who have been martial Men best know. For my self, Vox faucibus hæret: So that the King may say with the kingly Prophet David;
    O Lord, the Proud are risen against me, and the Congregation, even Synagoga, the Synagogue of naughty Men have sought after my Soul, and have not set thee before their Eyes, Psal. 86.14.
    The Proud have laid a Snare for me, and spread a Net abroad, yea, and set Traps in my way, Psal. 140. 5.
    But let the Ungodly fall into their own Nets together, and let me ever escape them, Psal. 141. 11.
    We may say,
    If the Lord himself had not been on our side; yea, if the Lord himself had not been on our side, when Men rose up against us, they had swallowed us up quick, when they were so wrathfully displeased at us; But praised be the Lord, which hath not given us over for a Prey unto their Teeth. Our Soul is escaped even as a Bird out of the Snare of the Fowler, the Snare is broken, and we are delivered; our Help standeth in the name of the Lord which hath made Heaven and Earth. Psalm. 124.