Column 242, last section

I am now come to the last part, which I proposed in the beginning of this Discourse; and that is, touching certain Comparisons of this Powder-Treason of the Jesuits, with that of Raleigh, and the other of the Priests Watson and Clarke.

  1. They had all one End, and that was the Romish Catholick Cause.
  2. The same Means, by Popish and discontented Persons, Priests and Lay-men.
  3. They all plaid at hazard: The Priests were at the Bye, Raleigh at the Main, but these in at all; as purposing to destroy all the King's Royal Issue, and withal the whole Estate.
  4. They were all alike obliged by the same Oath and Sacrament.
  5. The same Proclamations were intended (after the Fact) to be published for Reformation of Abuses.
  6. The like Army provided for invading, to land at Milford-Haven, or in Kent.
  7. The same Pensions of Crowns promised.
  8. The agreeing of the Times of the Treason of Raleigh and these Men, which was when the Constable of Spain was coming hither: and Raleigh said, there could be no Suspicion of any Invasion, seeing that the Constable of Spain was then expected for a Treaty of Peace; and the Navy might be brought to the Groyn under pretence of the Service in the Low Countries. And Raleigh further said, That many more were hanged for Words, than for Deeds. And before Raleigh's Treason was discovered, it was reported in Spain, that Don Raleigh and Don Cobham should cut the King of England's Throat.

I say not, that we have any Proofs, that these of the Powder-Plot were acquainted with Raleigh, or Raleigh with them: but as before was spoken of the Jesuits and Priests, so they all were joined in the Ends, like Sampson's Foxes in the Tails, howsever sever'd in their Heads.